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Know About Aphasia

Aphasia literally means inability to speak,but sometimes it is worse than that.
Aphasia is a disorder of language,affecting understanding of words or speech production along with inability to read and write.Therefore patient in aphasia may not be able to understand what othes are saying or patient is able to understand but not able to convey his thoughts to others by verbal speech.Aphasia is classified as sensory aphasia and motor aphasia. The patients having sensory aphasia understands by understands by signs used by the other person, not the speech.

They may speak sentences without any meaning.,may add unnecessary words. Patients with motor type of aphasia are able to understand the speech of others but have difficulty in speaking words and long phrases. Aphasia is caused by damage to the left side of the brain in most of individuals.Any damage to the temporal lobe leads to sensory aphasia, whereas damage to frontal lobe leads to motor aphasia.Any injury to these parts of brain can lead to aphasia.The most common cause is stroke. The other causes can be head injury,tumors or infection of brain. The speech and language therapy is the best tool to help aphasics.The therapy includes exercises of understanding words,naming,sentence structuring and sentence completion.Therapy is also geared to improve comprehension and memory. The combined and systmetic approach results in good recovery of language dysfunction. With integrated approach of neurologist,speech therapist,caretaker and patient himself aphasia can be tackled.

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